Kolping Family

Kolping Family

The purpose of Kolping Society: is assistance to members of society to express themselves as Christians in the world through work, marriage and family, in church, society and the state; offering social assistance to member associations and the public; development and support of the common good of all, in the Christian sense.


What is a "Kolping Society"

"Kolping Society" - a catholic association which accompanies and supports people in life, faith, education and good deeds.

Education, work and spirituality - three unwritten closely connected with each other spheres of life and in the "Kolping Society".

Building on the family-based association encourages all members of the association to openness, unindifference to each other and solidarity in joint actions and deeds, connecting all generations in one benefit of calling. In organization exists the association of youth, which particularly cares "Kolping Society".

The purpose of the Kolping Society are:

• protect the interests of members of the association

• nurture a sense of responsibility before God, family, homeland

• help members of the association in professional education and to increase its level

• promoting subsistence of members in their needs

The tasks of the association are:

• help each member of association to be a Christian in a world, family, in Church, in society and in the state.

• promoting awareness, members of the association to the affairs suffering of people in a spirit of mutual assistance

• promote the protection and born-life programs for the protection of mothers and children

• its activity and members’ of the association activity augment the overall welfare of society and cooperation with all interested persons to participate in improving the lives of people in need in the Christian sense.

Structure Kolping Society

International Kolping Society exists today in more than 53 countries and has 450 000 members. "Kolping Society " bases its structure on the principle of individual membership of people who consider themselves believers of "Kolping Family " and joined it. The smallest organizational unit is a "Kolping Family" (KF), creation and spiritual care which is the domain of the priest.

"Kolping Families", which exist within areas in certain region, create one association, whose primary purpose aimed at educational, organizational work and other programs. Regional associations may consist in regional associations, which in turn consist of KF towns and villages of the area. Several regional "Kolping Families" can be combined in the Regional Union "Kolping Society".

"Kolping Family" of one country creates an association with national status. National Association maintains a database of members of the association, introduces most current educational suggestions and develops specific educational and operational for "Kolping Family" and members of the association. National Association manages the work in public, political and spiritual direction at the state level.

At the continental level, national associations and "Kolping Families" work together in continental works associations. All "Kolping Family" with national associations forms the International Kolping Society.

The rights and duties of the association

"Kolping Society" is a union of democratic structures, so that all members of the union have certain rights and responsibilities:

"All members of the association have a voice and choice;

"All members of the association can participate in special events and promote them;

"All members of the group should adhere to the principles of "Kolping Society "follow its objectives and to advocate for the implementation of the program of the association;

"All members of the association shall pay to the competent authorities the association dues.

"Kolping Society" is so effective and powerful, how seriously members of the union relating to their rights and obligations, and within its capabilities will responsible for the program association.


Regional Association "Kolping Society"

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Society "Kolping`s Family"

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Youth Educational Kolping Centr

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Website of the International Kolping Society: www.kolping.net

Website Kolping Society in Germany: www.kolping.de