Theoligical Institute of Saint Archbishop Joseph Bilczewski

of Saint Archbishop Joseph Bilczewski
Archdiocese of Lviv Latin rite

A branch of the Faculty of Theology The Catholic University of John Paul II in Lublin

Theological Institute of Archdiocese of Lviv,
since its erection 25.01.2009 by Archbishop Mieczyslaw Mokrzycki Metropolitan, keeping in mind the academic and scientific theological traditions of Lviv, that city of rich and multicultural history, develops the teaching and research activities of St. Archbishop Joseph Bilczewski. Theological Institute is the center of statement that examines his pastoral and theological heritage and promoting his cult in its.

Classes are twice a month during the academic year on Friday after midday at 13:00. Saturday morning and afternoon and Sunday noon.

The lectures are dedicated:
The study of philosophy and theology for the lai people, religious and members of institutes of consecrated life and societies of apostolic life and lasts 5 years (ten semesters).

Objectives of the study:
The primary objective of theological studies is to prepare future lay theologians to work in Roman Catholic parishes as a catechist, as well as in the parish pastoral tasks, and in other community’s needs of the People of God.

The overall program of study:
The program of study provides for the first phase the philosophical formation and preparation, which is the foundation for the adoption of theological studies. In their structure contain objects Bible lecture multifaceted Christian and moral doctrine, canon law and religious, and also specific branches of practical theology, which includes, among others, Pastoral Theology, Liturgy, Catholic teaching, catechesis.

The culmination of study:
Graduates after the presentation of the thesis and examination ex universa theologia, receive a master`s degree in theology.

Theological Institute. St. Joseph Bilczewski
The Archdiocese of Lviv Latin Rite
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