Family of Families

Family ofFamilies

The motto: Strong family by God

Family of Families is a gift to us all of our Father and Founder, Stefan Cardinal Wyszynski. It is he who taught us that the Church needs our offerings, Poland - life and family example.

Family of Families is an apostolic movement aimed at regeneration and sanctification of Polish families by striving for full sacramental life, engaging in a conscious and dedicated service to the Church and to the people and entrustment to Mary Mother of the Church.

Movement is based on the Statute approved on 5 January 1991, by Joseph Cardinal Glemp, Primate of Polish. Is run by the Secular Institute of helpers - of Our Lady of Jasna Gora, Pallotines and representatives of the families.

Family of Families in Lviv

22.12.1994 was founded by the Polish Catholic family of Lviv with the help of the Pastoral Centre for Family of Families in Warsaw in the person of Rector of Eugene Klimiński, accepted and patronized for many years by Metropolitan of Lviv Cardinal Marian Jaworski. Currently, under the patronage of Metropolitan of Lviv, Archbishop Mieczyslaw Mokrzycki.

Moderator of Movement Family of Families is Rev. Krzysztof Szebla.

The spiritual father of Family of Families is Rev. Feliks Folejewski.

Spiritual father of Family of Families in Lviv is Rev. Guardian Władysław Lizun, since 1994.

Lay leaders and instigators of the founding of Movement Family of families in Lviv since 1994 are Halina and Włodzimerz Wencak. Community brings together a group of families from Lviv, Lviv-Zboiska, Mościska and Połupanówka near of Skalat.

We create a family of faithful to God and Fatherland, integrating in environment of borderland, we help reciprocally themselves and others. We are open to all that is good, wise and important for Polish multigenerational families, especially for children and young people. We strive to create a noble image of polish people in the Ukrainian society as a man, as Catholic, as patriot and citizen.

Our social work serves families spiritually and physically, supports the empowerment of young people, integrate family - not only Polish, but also of Polish descent.

We try to create an atmosphere, which helps families of mixed nationalities to carry on the polish tradition in proper level in parallel with those of other nations. We also respect religious beliefs in mixed families, exposing the Catholic faith.

We care about activity of our members in society, particularly bearing in mind the behavior of Polish and Catholic traditions, knowledge of culture and national heritage, fostering the places of national memory in Lviv area. In each specific action involving an entire family, which helps to create positive relationships between representatives of different age groups, enriching each other.

Particular attention is paid to the possibility of organizing a summer holiday for a large group of Polish families in need (continuously since 1996). We make a lot of effort to allow for closer ties with the homeland younger and older Poles from Family of Families in Lviv. To this end, we establish contacts with various organizations and private benefactors in Poland. We promote family and its high value in the social, national, religious scope.

Families who in Lviv and in the Borderlands provide a constant presence and glory Serene Republic of Poland - are a great gift for us and for the Fatherland.

Remember that we are here, we stand, we give witness to POLAND !!!

Connects us the faith, Polish identity and patriotism, the desire to integrate and strengthen the family and its role in society, supporting each other, helping our young generation ...

Junakiwa, 16, Lviv, Ukraine, 790039

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