Major Seminary

Seminary of Lviv Archdiocese

Street Lvivska 62,

79491 Lviv-Bryukhovychi

Tel / Fax .: +38 032 240 90 04


Вища Духовна Семінарія Св. Йосифа у Львові-Брюховичах


History of Seminary


Seminary in Lviv reaches its tradition in 1703, when it was created Cathedral Seminary in Lviv. In 1783, the Austrian government formed in Lviv so-called General Seminary for all Galician dioceses. The seminary was located in the building of the former sisters monastery of Calced Carmelites in Lviv (later Osolineum ,today Library of Stefanyk).

In 1814 the Lviv Seminary separated from the General Seminary. New location for the buildings of seminary was chosen the former sisters monastery of the Discalced Carmelites.

Before the Second World War the intellectual formation of seminarians took place at the Faculty of Theology of the University of Jan Kazimierz in Lviv. During the Second World War Seminary and the Faculty of Theology existed in clandestine. In 1945 the Lviv Theological Seminary moved to Kalwaria Zebzhydovska. Most of the professors were from the University of Jan Kazimierz. In 1950 the seminary was liquidated and seminarians who at that time remained in the seminary transmitted to other seminaries - Krakow, Czestochowa and Opole.

In January 1991, Bishop Marian Jaworski, apostolic administrator in Lubaczow, has been nominated as Metropolitan of Lviv and set him a new task. It was not only rebuilding damaged structures of the Church in Ukraine, but also the need for priests for archdiocese that revived.

Historic buildings of Seminary in Lviv (which in June 1945 Marian Jaworski was adopted as seminarian) to this day not returned. Seminary renewed activity only 5 years later - December 12, 1996. This is made possible by the purchase of destroyed buildings of the resort complex in Bryukhovychi near the city. Immediately started repair buildings purchased and formation-didactic process.