Light-Life Movement

Light-Life Movement

Light-Life Movement (commonly known as Oasis) - is one of the movements of renewal of the Church according to the teachings of the Second Vatican Council. This movement rose in Poland, and its founder was the Servant of God Fr. Francis Blyahnytskyy.

The movement brings together people of all ages and condition: youth, children and adults, as well as priests, monks, nuns, members of secular institutes and families with family branches Movement, which is the Home Church (also known as Family Oasis). Through appropriate for each of these groups formation of Light-Life Movement is trying to educate mature and conscientious Christians, and wish to serve in revitalization of the local Christian community - parishes, deaneries and diocese.

Charisma of Light-Life Movement


Light-Life Movement has its source in the current renewal which had Vatican II, and - as we believe - rose from the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. From the start it is - by definition Founder - deed of Mary Immaculate, Mother of the Church.


Virgin Mary Mother of Jesus


The founder of the Movement, Servant of God Father Francis Blyahnytskyy (1921-1987), recognizing the signs of the times, started work on Polish soil Oasis of the Living Church of Oasis retreat for Altar server (1954), Human Liberation Crusades (1957-1960), and in subsequent years developed a system of formation-evangelization to educate children, youth and adults, and families (1973).


Rev. Francis Blyahnytskyy


Thus formed Movement Living Church, which has been consecrated by Cardinal Karol Wojtyla to the Immaculate, Mother of the Church June 11, 1973 in Kroschchenko on Dunajec. This act movement recognizes as a constituent for themselves and Kroschchenko became the headquarters of the Movement and the estate association of women religious movement, institution of Immaculate Mother of the Church. In 1976, the Living Church movement adopted the name "Movement Light and Life."

Community of families - in Movement Light and Life - from start-enriched spirituality International Movement of Catholic marriages Equipes Notre Dame received its own name "Home Church" (1978).


Holy Family, Jesus, Mary, Joseph


Priests Movement, united at the beginning by Francis Blyahnytskym around the ideal of Christ the Servant, formed the Association "Union of Priests of Christ the Servant."

In the seventies began to form the first community- Movement Life and Light in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. In 1982, the founder created in Karlsberg (Germany) International Centre of Evangelization Light and Life. In subsequent years, Community of Life and Light Movement emerged in many other countries.


The movement of Life and Light is a community for people of different ages and vocations.The purpose and program of the Greek words expressed «ΦΩΣ» (light) and «ΖΩΗ» (life), inscribed in the sign of the cross and the formula "Light-Life", it means the unity of the light, which gives God and life, that the testimony of Christian life.

Creator of unity - as we believe; - is the Holy Spirit. He makes that the light of reason, conscience light, the light of God`s Word, the light of Christ as a exemplary Man and Light of the Church in the formation of mature Christians brings forth a new person in the community of the Church.

Basic formation in Movement Light-Life based on the "rite of Christian initiation of adults" and begins with individual evangelization or through retreats, initial level, which leads to the acceptance of Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior (Oasis of the new life I degree ) and to join the formational group of disciples of Christ.

The first stage deuterocatechumenate carried out according to the "signposts of New Man", its means "Ten Steps to Christian maturity" and leads to participation in the oasis of New Life II degree. Launched in her liturgical initiation lasts throughout the second phase of formation, which is an essential element experiences Paschal Triduum in the form of retreat and renewal of baptismal vows. The third phase formation – mystagogical - includes ecclesiological deepening (New Life Oasis III degree), and the opening of their place in the Church and the various deacon (ministries).

At each stage the formation is going throughsystematic work of each member, through weekly meetings in small groups with an animator and through participation in the Days of Community. A characteristic feature of this formation is to educate to the liturgy and in the liturgy. On this the Movement based conformational specific programs according to age and level of participants.

In Light-Life Movement the couple applies family’s spirituality borrowed from charisma Equipes Notre Dame, whose goal is mutual sanctification of husband and wife, married create unity and implementation of family catechumenate.

Formation of Home Church is made through work Equipes NotreDame and through developments of Light-Life Movement. This is due to the commitment outlined in the "Principles of Home Church of Light-Life Movement." This document defines the principles of the Home Church as part of the Movement Light of Life.

At various stages of oases’ retreat, especially in the first degree, formation of family supplemented with subjects of marital spirituality and family life, in the second stage the so-called family’s liturgy, and the third stage - create the community in terms of family and married in the church community.

General formational marriage work takes place in the family and in family circles monthly meetings and through participation in community days of Movement.

Important role in the formation of the Home Church played the Retreats of family’s animators during the year.

For younger age groups Light-Life Movement offers formation in the Oasis of God’s Children and Oasis of New Way that lasts during the year, mainly in the group of liturgical service. The formation is adapted to the age and has deuterocatechumenal character and is based on the idea of childhood in relation to God the Father through the Son in the Holy Spirit.

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Moderator of Light-Life Movement in Lviv diocese

Rev. Nazar Bilyk

tel. + 380969569183




Center for Evangelization Light-Life

(Centrum Ewangelizacji Światło-Życie w Gwardijsku)

st. Cathedral 33, Guardijsks, Khmelnitsky region. 31 352

Tel. +380972657312 (O. Paul Rossa)

+380974656801 (Barbara)



Moderator of Light-Life Movement in Kamenetz-Podolsk diocese

Rev. Peter Gluvka tel. + 380672820133


Diyetseziyalna couple of "Home church" - Kamenetz-Podolsk diocese

Mila and Ian Siryi

Jan - tel. +380679336023

Mila - tel. + 380962125641



Moderator of Light-Life Movement in Kyiv-Zhytomyr diocese

Rev. Oleg Sartakov

Tel. +380968102592


Diocesan couple of "home church" - Kyiv-Zhytomyr Diocese

Nelia and Leonid Slovin

Tel. +380 677511624


Moderator of Light-Life Movement in Odessa-Simferopol diocese

Rev. Vyacheslav Kowalski

Tel. +380667929627


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