Community Living Rosary

Living Rosary - a community of people who pray the Rosary every day. Community is divided into smaller groups of 20 people. Each member of the community pray daily at least one mystery of the rosary. In this manner, during the day community pray total rosary. Rosary Prayer supports the needs of the whole Church.

Community Living Rosary

Community Living Rosary founded by Pauline Jaricot (1799-1862) in Lyon in 1826. Since 20 years Pauline involved in missionary activity. She was a close collaborator of St. John Mary Vianney parish priest of Ars. Community Living Rosary has been formally approved and constantly supported by Pope Gregory XVI and received canonical status on January 27, 1832.

Community Living Rosary - is not something new in the faith, is a continuation of the prayer of the Rosary, which promoted by St. Dominic, and which was given to him in the revelation of the Virgin Mary.

The Purpose

The purpose of the Rosary - appease the wrath of God on the sinful world through the intercession of the Mother of God, pray for God`s blessing for the Church and evangelization and spreading the faith, to restore and strengthen faith in the hearts of the people, sustain the conversion of sinners, and the strengthening of Holy Mother Church.


At any time of day or night, in any place. Members of the Rosary can organize prayer meetings for prayer, reading of Scripture, to discuss issues of faith and principles of Christian life and other spiritual matters.

Basic requirements

Obedience to His Holiness the Pope, bishops, priests of the diocese and parishes where there is a Living Rosary Association. Permanent participation in the life of the Church, through participation in Holy Mass, reception of the sacraments, active Christian life for the good of the Catholic Church. Through prayer, sacrifice every member of the Living Rosary, which is co-responsible for the future of the Catholic Church, the salvation of men, and spreading the faith!

Duties of members of the Living Rosary

Each member should say a prayer by the rules of the community.

Each member of the Rosary should be active in the life of the parish community – partaking in the sacraments, frequent participation in parish services, encouraging people to be more active efforts of the parish and the Church.

Members are encouraged to pray with whole Church Vespers and Matins.

During the months of May and October, which are specifically dedicated to the Virgin Mary and the rosary, members should especially worship Mary, pray every day, all 20 mysteries of the Rosary.

Members of the Living Rosary are recommended to help the sick and suffering in receiving the sacrament of the sick, also to support them with their presence and prayer.

Members of the Living Rosary, have a duty to pray for the deceased members. They should dedicate prayers and sufferings for deceased members and personal needs.

Members of the community have always remember the words of Pope Gregory XVI, who said: "We have to actively work in order to ignite the hearts of all people to zeal, respect, love, and devote the Virgin Mary. We have to work more to spread the Living Rosary constantly to the number of people and steadily increase the graces we receive. You need to hurry up to improve ourselves and to grow in virtue. We put ourselves into the hands of the Blessed Virgin Mary, who promised to all who praise her lead to heaven".

The main recommendations for people who want to start a Living Rosary

The man, who became a member of the Living Rosary should pray the Rosary every day one mystery, which gets from promoter of Living Rosary.

Local promoter of Living Rosary is to encourage other people to join their community.

Local promoter take care that any neighboring town has representative of the Living Rosary, to co-ordinate and created a new group, send photos and reports on the work of the Community, inform about the graces and miracles that people received through participation in the Living Rosary.

Grace that we receive in the community Rosary

The unity in prayer with three million members of the Rosary in the world.

Every day is celebrated Mass in intention of the members of the Living Rosary around the world.

Members are constantly praying for the deceased members of the Living Rosary. For the deceased members of the Rosary daily is celebrated Holy Mass.

Constant assistance in forming groups of the Living Rosary.