Catholic TV program

Catholic TV program "ROCK"


Manager: Rev. Oleksandr Kusyy

Host: Basil Kohut

Newsroom: Andrew Chornyy

Lector: John Fedorych

Recording: John Gadio, Andrew Chornyy

Editor: John Fedorych

Design: Taras Saynyuk

Director: John Fedorych


Skelia (The Rock) is the first, catholic, monthly TV program on national television channel ZIK. The program’s goal is to highlight the events associated with Catholic Church in Ukraine and abroad, also it is a great tool for evangelization of teenagers and adults in our region. Today, the show is broadcasted once a month on national television channel ZIK on Sundays (the time of broadcast is 10.00 am). Duration time – 25 min. Except broadcasting Skelia on ZIK channel we also place it on our Youtube channel where viewers can watch it anytime ( Today, Skelia – is the only catholic TV program for adults that provides information about the Church and brings Good News for the viewers.

Skelia (The Rock) tv show is planned to be not only helpful and interesting for faithful of Catholic Church, but also for those people who do not know or seek Christ.

We are happy to expand Catholic Television in Ukraine because it is basically absent here. Although we have already made the first steps in conquering the television domain – 2010 we had launched a monthly TV program Skelia (The Rock) where we are showing the life of past and modern Church through news, small reports about the faithful, portraits of saints etc. You can watch it online on


Today Skelia (The Rock) consist of 5 parts:

1. The main subject story – a short reportage ( 5 min) regarding the topic of a program. For instance – the story of a priest who almost without any help tries to rebuild an old church.

2. Bible studies – a Bible scholar will explain selected texts from a Holy Scripture, giving people exact translation, possible interpretations and historical facts regarding the passage. (5 min)

3. Catholic news – a short video review of major events regarding Catholic Church in Ukraine and in the world. (5 min)

4. Useful advices – in this part, psychologists will give advices to families, or teenagers which will be useful in their everyday life. For instance how to reduce conflicts in family, or how to manage sexuality in teenage years. From time to time this part can be replaced by such topics as – One day in the Life of Church or The Life of Saint… (5 min)

5. Kerygma – in the end a priest will proclaim good news for people, basing on the readings of the current week  (3 min)

A host conducts the show making introductions to every part.

In future, with God’s help, we would like to make Skelia shorter, but put it on air every week and also we want to develop an internet TV, because airing costs on TV channels in Ukraine are very high. Also we would like to expend TV production to film and documentary production, which is very important in Ukraine were catholic programs and films are practically absent.