Our Lady Queen of Peace in Ivano-Frankove

Sanctuary Our Lady Queen of Peace in Ivano-Frankove
Parish church of the Holy Trinity in Ivano-Frankove, Gorodok Deanery.

Decree of May 31, 2017

List of indulgencies in Sanctuary Our Lady Queen of Peace in Ivano-Frankove
1. The solemnity of Our Lady Queen of Peace in Ivano-Frankove - August 22
2. Once a year on a day, which is chosen by a parishioner.
3. Every time, when somebody take part in the pilgrimage to Sanctuary

1. The new and the prayer service to the Mother of God of the Janovsky Queen of Peace every Wednesday at 18.00 (at wintertime at 17.00).
2. Novena to Our Lady Queen of Peace in Ivano-Frankove before the Solemnity
3. Worship to Our Lady Queen of Peace in Ivano-Frankove before the Solemnity
4. Worship to Our Lady Queen of Peace in Ivano-Frankove on the 22nd of every month

Mass services:
Mon – 18.00 - (ua) (17.00 in winter).
Tuesday – 09.00 - (pl)
Wed – 18.00 - (ua) (17.00 in winter). Worship to Our Lady Queen of Peace in Ivano-Frankove.
Thu – Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament from 17.00, (16.00 in winter). Holy Mass o 18.00 - uk.м.
Fri – 18.00 - (ua) (17.00 in winter).
Sat – 09.00 - (pl)
Sun – 11.30 – (ua), 13.00 – (pl)

In the winter time until Easter, the Mass is evening at 17:00

Contact Information:

Ivano-Frankove, st. Yavorivska 13a.

e-mail: m.b.janowska@ukr.net

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kosciol.janow.lwowski/

Chronicle of Sanctuary:

August 8, 1614 - Lviv official Jan Swoszowski of the Gryf coat of arms (XVI-1615), the founder of the city of Ivano-Frankove, founded the parish of Blessed Virgin Mary, Saint Michael Archangel and Saint John the Baptist. The parish was incorporated into the structure of the dean`s office in Lviv.

1655 - The beginning of cult of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Ivano-Frankove.

1664 - A book was created that accurately records the graces obtained through the intercession of Our Lady in Ivano-Frankove (more details on the miraculous picture can be found here).

1722-1789? - thanks to the parish priests, the hospital functioned at the parish.

At that time, there were 18 towns in the parish: Borki, Dąbrowica, Domażyr, Janów, Jamelnia, Jasnisko, Karaczynów, Kożyce, Łozówna, Porzecze, Stawki, Stracz, Sucholas, Wielkopole, Woroców, Zalesie, Zelów, and Żorniska.

1741 - the construction of a new church began.

1743 - Archbishop Jan Augustynowicz of the Armenian rite consecrated one of the side altars in the church.

July 26, 1755 - a temporary altar was consecrated in a new sanctuary by the auxiliary bishop of Lviv, Samuel Glowiński.

1759 - Konstancja from Czartoryski Poniatowski, mother of the last king of Poland, Stanisław August, was buried in the church porch. An appropriate epitaph has also been posted.

1765 - A wooden belfry was built, in which there were two bells of "St. Paul" and "St. John the Baptist".

1769 - The altar where the image of Our Lady Queen of Peace was located was given special privileges.

May 29, 1774 - the coronation of the miraculous image took place together with the solemn consecration of the church by Archbishop Wacław Hieronim Sierakowski. Silver dresses and crowns were funded by the Potocki family. At that time the church had its patrons: the Holy Trinity, the Blessed Virgin Mary, Saint Michael the Archangel and Saint John the Baptist.

1784 - The cemetery, which was close to the church, was liquidated and on 16 July of that same year a new cemetery was created, but outside the city.

1833 - An inventory book testifies to the presence of a brick belfry and tombs.

1875 - The church has been renovated.

Beginning of the twentieth century - activities of the Sisters of the Servants of the Holy Virgin Mary Immaculate Conception (from Stara Wieś), who in the interwar period took care of orphans.

The parish will include: Kurniki, Lelechówka, Majdan, Starzyce, Wisieńka, Szontal, Walldorf, Wereszczyca, Zajazd.
The parish also included chapels and churches: Domażyr (stone chapel built in 1903, Foundation of priest Jan Górawski), Jamelnia (chapel 1935), Kożyce (court chapel), Łozyna (stone chapel 1903, Foundation of Rawik Gawroński), Maidan (wooden chapel in 1928, the foundation of earl S. Tyszkiewicz), Starzyce (cemetery chapel) and Walldorf (stone chapel in 1906).

1934-36 - the church was renovated. New windows and electrical installations have been installed. In 1937 renovated organs.

1945 - Most of the inhabitants of Polish origin were forced to leave the parish. Together with them, the last administrator of the parish, Fr. Władysław Siemaniów moved to Prochowice near Wrocław. At that time, liturgical paraments and the venerated image of Our Lady of Janów were taken.

1946 - The sanctuary was closed by the Soviet authorities and transformed into a library.

1990 - The destroyed sanctuary was returned to the faithful. The pastor became a priest Josafat Szczepaniak.

On July 28, 1994, Archbishop Marian Jaworski blessed a renewed polychrome. A copy of the image of Our Lady Queen of Peace was also placed in the church.

May 1, 2011 - Father Józef Pawliczek blessed a new wooden altar.

June 15, 2014 - On the day of the parish feast, the jubilee year of the 400th anniversary of the parish began.

August 10, 2014 - Archbishop Mieczysław Mokrzycki has recoronation a copy of the miraculous image of Our Lady Queen of Peace.

June 6, 2015 - Archbishop Meczysław Mokrzycki blessed a monument of the Holy Father. St. John Paul II.

May 31, 2017 - reactivation of the Shrine of Our Lady Queen of Peace in Ivano-Frankove