Today Catholic European Scouts - is primarily a large educational organization that develops powerfully in 11 European countries and has more than 55 000 scouts only among boys and girls aged 12 to 17 years and more than 10 000 senior leaders who actively and individually work with each Scout. Every year our number is growing by nearly 1 000 new members.

Catholic European Scouts - it is also a great Christian organization. In 2001, we were blessed by the Blessed Pope John Paul II on its activities as one of the modern forms of evangelization. Each of our gathering begins and ends with prayer and each day at camp or on the journey begins Liturgy celebrated by Scout chaplain.

Today Catholic European Scouts - is also a large public organization which unites successful and motivated people who have realized or realize itself in the worldly life, and a good example for the young. In Western Europe, Catholic European Scouts - is "international brand", "quality mark and training", "organization where there are generations" because there is thousands of families whose grandfather, father and son are scouts. Because of significant results of educational activities we have an advisory vote in the Council of Europe and enjoy the support of the European Union.

Vocation and purpose of Catholic European Scouts is complete education of youth by creating common interests of parents and children and by creating a circle of friends who is a good example of what a good thing after reaching learning and non-small material and career success, can thus be a man, good son or daughter of your parents and Christian who is not afraid to confess their faith.

We welcome all children and young people who want adventure trips, camps, hundreds of new friends, want to actively contribute to the life of their parish and their parents to join our movement!

Catholic Scouts all over Europe belong to the International Federation of Scouts Europe join with 11 European countries and Canada, who have the same foundation and work on the same spirit by helping other young people. Communication is not only the Federation, but also a community of faith, prayer and work.

One of the first flags FSE, which was used by French scouts since 1959.

The initial background color is blue (like now on scouts’ sweaters). Later it was decided to change the background to scout flag as a combination of white and black, which symbolized not "good" and "evil", but life here on earth and eternal life.

1. What is Scouting?

Scouting - is a global non-governmental and non-political voluntary movement, which involves more than 25 million children and young people of different social groups, religions and cultures. The main purpose of Scouting - social, spiritual, intellectual and physical development of young people form an active whole person. With the Constitution of the World Organization of the Scout Movement: "... to promote young people to achieve their full intellectual, social and spiritual potential as individuals, as responsible citizens and as members of local, national and international communities." This goal is achieved through participation in Scouts progressive developmental programs and social projects.

2. What does the word scout?

In English the word "scout" means "a soldier or other person sent out ahead of a main force so as to gather information about the enemy`s position, strength, or movements."

3. What’s a different between scout and pioneer?

Pioneer movement was created as a public, political and anti-religious movement. Although many formal things borrowed from Scouts, principles of pioneer movement contrary to fundamental ideas of Scouting. Now in Ukraine pioneer movement available.

4. When arose Scouting?

Scout method of education, as does the movement founded in the UK in the early twentieth century, by Colonel Robert Baden-Powell.

5. Who is the Baden-Powell?

Robert Stephenson Smith Baden-Powell born February 22, 1857 in London in a family of professor in geometry Oxford University Baden-Powell. At the age of 19 years passed exam in military school. Since 1876 Robert Baden-Powell started the life, which was full of wandering in military garrisons.

In 1889, during the defense of Meifeng - a small South African town - along with Lord Edward Cecil, he organized groups of young men who in backside and communication replaced adults. Returning to England, Baden-Powell became acquainted with the work of William Smith "Boys Brigade» (Boys` Brigade - "BB") about groups of youths organized as a military lad. At the same time the Church of England established its even more militaristic, "church team boys "(Church Lads` Brigade -"CLB").

However Baden-Powell believed that the need to find better shape to work with young people and make it more mass, it is necessary to introduce the practice of hiking, scouting, camp, sports and romance of adventure. In 1907, he gathered a group of 20 boys in a small and wild island Browns. In the center was a large tent camp. Each patrol had a separate tent. The children were from a privileged schools, families and workers. The boys were unusual at the time the form that later became common scouting, blouse and shorts, belted strap, and the feet - socks and shoes. Classes are conducted in the form of games and competitions. In 1908 Baden-Powell published a book "Scouting for Boys" (Scouting for Boys). The book was a spectacular success - across whole country form scout groups. Despite the fact that there are "Boys Brigade" (BB) and "Church Boys Brigade" (CLB), which enjoyed the support of church and state Scout movement developed rapidly.

Charter scouts trained youth in the spirit of friendship and brotherhood, not considering the race, nationality, religion or social class. By 1909 there were 14, 000 Scouts in England. From 1910 exists an organization of girls - "Hurley Girl Scouts."

6. Who are the guides?

Guiding originated in England in 1910. The idea of creating this movement belongs to Lord Baden-Powell Robert, general of England army. First, in 1910 he founded the Boy Scout movement, but soon are women convinced him that they also want to participate in such a movement. Then Baden-Powell asked his sister Agnes organized the movement for girls.

7. Who are the (plast) scouts?

Plast - are members of National Scout Organizations of Ukraine "Plast" (the Cossacks called scouts the plastuns). Ukrainian Plast is present in the years 1911-1912 in Galicia. The founders are Ivan Chmola, Peter Franco and Alexander Tysovskyy.

8. When and whence came Scouting in Ukraine?

Many people mistakenly believe that Scouting came to us from America. In fact, the birthplace of Scouting is England. To us this educational movement came in 1916. But from 1924 until 1980 years was banned.

9. Can scouting, whose ideas were borrowed from the British, educate patriots in Ukraine?

Of course it can. Feature Scouting is an international movement that as it bears the national feature. This follows from the basic, common to all Scouts in the world, duties of Scout. Each Scout promises to perform their duties to the country. We promised to fulfill his duty to the Ukraine, because our programs are aimed at knowledge of the national cultural heritage make like a flower in a bouquet of single countries.

10. What should I do to become a scout?

In order to become a scout, a person must pass a certain program. It means to familiarize with the Scout movement, Scout laws, rules, traditions and assembly tests (exams). This is done in order to identify candidate to become Scouts or not, whether he like it here - if he still decides to join the organization - that he did not feel "loner." For delivery of tests, development of "theory" to help newcomers come his future colleagues, leaders.

11. At what age can join the Scouting?

Become a member of the scout organization can anyone but the vast majority of members are youth from 7 to 17 years. Because of this difference in age organized work groups by age. In an organization, there are 3 main groups: cubs (7-12 years), scouts (12-17 years), guides and travelers (17 and over).

12. What is the enjoyment of Scouting in society?

Scouts are the organizers and participants of progressive enrichment programs and various social projects. For example:

- Environmental actions (cleaning parks, planting trees);

- Charity events (collecting food and clothes to orphanages, free concerts, employment assistance to churches and monasteries).

13. You only do social activities?

Fortunately, we did not suffer the fate of many scout groups and organizations, which is switched on urban life. We maintain and increase the best traditions of tourism, have not lost touch with nature harmoniously combines this aspect of life with a social activities.

14. What is the Jamboree?

This huge tent city with its avenues, shopping centers, places of entertainment and fun activities. In fact, it is a holiday for the best of the best scouts. Jamboree is global and national. The national Jamboree is camp within a country, even though it means is that a major percentage of participants - Scouts of the State.

The first World Jamboree was held in 1920 in London.


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