Foundation "Give Hope"

The main purpose is a charitable activity and involvement in charity all who wish to serve the cause elevation of Christian morality, culture, education, the arts, support the poor, assistance in the authorized activities other charitable and nonprofit community organizations and other charitable activities in accordance with charter and applicable law.


Head-office of Foundation:

Irina Galamay, President

Joanna Andreychuk, Vice - President

Veronica Kernytska, Secretary


Registered address:

79008. Lviv, Pl. Cathedral 1

Tel. +380 (32) 253 - 17 - 10

Fax: +380 (32) 235 - 87 - 56



Office hours:

Monday - Friday from 9.00 to 17.00


Bank account for transfers from abroad:

Foundation "Give Hope"

Objective: blahodijna dijalnist

SC "Kredobank"

Central branch Lviv, Ukraine


№ 2600701383024