Memorial Day for those who fought and died in battle in Zadvir`ya

: 375 2019-08-22 10:26:14

On Saturday, 17 August, Task Force Carentan Soldiers made history by being the first American participants in the annual commemoration ceremony for the Battle of Zadwórze. This year marks the 99th anniversary of the battle, during which outnumbered Polish volunteer forces put up a formidable resistance against the Soviet’s 1st Cavalry Army and prevented the seizures of Lviv and Warsaw.

Capt. (CH) Adam Muda concelebrated the Holy Mass with Polish and Ukrainian priests. Polish government officials from their Consulate and Embassy in Ukraine as well as their Ministry of Veteran Affairs delivered speeches. Afterward, Lt. Col. Michael Starz and Sgt. 1st Class Waldemar Swierczek participated in the flower-laying ceremony. During the reception, Soldiers had the opportunity to share experiences and learn from Polish military personnel.

Joint Multinational Training Group-Ukraine