Serhiy Riznyk

Locality: Lviv-Sykhiv
Place of work: Parish
Date of birth 1975-06-21
Name day September 09
Ordination 2010-06-19
Nomination Pastor
Year nomination 2016
Incardination Lviv
Deanery office

History of ministry::

Serhiy RIZNYK, son of Petro
Date and place of birth-May 3, 1978, Ternopil
Name Day-September 18
Ordination-Lviv, June 19, 2010
2010-2012-Vicar in the Latin Cathedral of Lviv
2012-2016-Studies in Lublin-Catholic University (Catechetics)
2016-Vicar in Zhovkva
2018-Priest in Lviv-Sykhiv

Academic degree-Doctor Degree