Piotr Smolka

Locality: Peremyshlyany
Place of work: Parish
email ks.piotr.sdb@op.pl
Date of birth 1953-03-26
Name day June 29
Ordination 1980-06-21
Nomination Pastor
Year nomination 1993
Incardination SDB
Deanery office Spiritual Father of deanery

History of ministry::

Piotr Smolka
Date and place of birth-Zabrze (Poland), 26.03.1953
Name Day-June 29
Ordination-Cracow, 06.21.1980
1980-1982-vicar of the parish in Niewachlowie Kielce, Poland (PL)
1982-1987-vicar of the parish in Auschwitz (PL)
1987-1988-catechist in Lublin (PL)
1988-1991-Administrator of General House in Lublin (PL)
1991-1992-catechist in Przyłęków (PL)
1992-1993-chaplain of the Salesian Sisters in Garbów
1993-1996-Vicar in Peremyshlany
1996-pastor in Peremyshlany
Academic degrees-Master